Wedding & Event Photography



 MAKE YOUR PACKAGE WORK FOR YOU. Our three (3) wedding photography packages are very flexible. You can swap, trade and exchange albums and/or enlargements  so you only receive sizes and items you need. There are numerous options allowing you full control to customize content after your wedding, so you never get 'stuck' with things you don't need. This way you tell me what you want and get to self-design your package content and make it work for you. 



ShadowCatcher Photography offers packages with our  outstanding professional photographers. These packages cover corporate events, trade show events, red carpet events, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement party, graduation party, engagement party, etc. (non-wedding event). 

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Baptisms, & Other Family Events

Congratulations, this is such an important time in your life!

The story is changing…a new chapter.  ShadowCatcher Photography can’t wait to be a part of it.  Custom photography for such milestone events…

creating memories that you will treasure for years to come!